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Thank you for visiting our school community. At Saints Peter & Paul, you’re invited to share our commitment to family values, spiritual growth, and academic excellence. As we work together in service to God, we can provide the most enriching experiences to our children, our family, and our neighbors.

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Saints Peter & Paul originated as a small wood-frame schoolhouse in 1860. Founded on the motto “Give me youth and I will give you the future,” our school community represents an inherent commitment to education, inspiration, and continued growth.

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to serving our school community in faith to God and the rigors set forth by the New York State Department of Education, New York State Common Core Curriculum, and Department of Catholic Education of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Academics and Faith

Our academic programs support students in Pre-K through Grade 8. Students receive instruction in religion, English language arts, math, science, health, social studies, technology, Spanish, PE, and library. Accelerated placement courses are also available.

Student Life

Students are afforded the freedom to explore their creative talents as musicians, singers, performers, athletes, intellectuals, and shepherds. We believe that strong academic abilities, social skills, and spiritual sensibilities are essential to helping our children become the most well-rounded individuals.

Tuition Information

For the 2022-2023 school year, tuition charges will be:

Pre-K    $4,481

1 Child    $4,183

2 Children    $7,191

3 Children    $8,875

Family Tuition    $9,393

Additional fees may be applied to registration, supplies, and student insurance. Tuition assistance is also available.

Admission & Registration

All children will be considered for acceptance.  Parents are asked to please submit copies of report cards and testing scores at the time of application.

Registration is open for Pre-K through Grade 8!
Please contact us to learn more and to obtain registration forms.

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Strategic Goals

  • Welcome all as Christ.
  • Provide opportunities to develop personal and life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Provide an excellent academic education rooted in the Catholic tradition in which each student is helped to realize his or her full potential.  Strengthen support systems to deliver an excellent academic education.
  • Increase awareness of and positive impressions of Saints Peter & Paul.  Leverage positive impressions to increase enrollment, new funding sources, and new partnerships.
  • Provide for the long-term success of the school.  Starting with a balanced student/teacher base, fill currently available seats in Grades 1 through 8 and target long-term enrollment growth from Pre-K and K up.
  • Provide the facility, technology, and academic support tools that meet student needs today and into the future.

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